Jen Hemphill

Episode 50: Latina Equal Pay Day 2022

Meet Jen Hemphill, host of Her Dinero Matters Podcast and accredited financial counselor who helps Latinas gain more money confidence.

Jenn was born in Colombia to a “Gringo” dad -as she called him- and a Colombian mother, and lived in Bogotá until she and her family moved to the U.S. Jen aspired to become a Dentist, but didn’t have the stomach for it. This led her to become a Physical Therapist specializing in Gerontology; however, becoming a military spouse made her change her career path to something more aligned with her new lifestyle. This is how she became an accredited financial counselor.

It was thanks to this new career, and the need to attract an audience for her own business, that Jen became a podcaster. This was a consistent medium via which she could create content to help all women gain more money confidence. Not too long after the launch of her podcast, Jen realized that she was in a unique position to help Latinas become Reinas of their money, so she rebranded the podcast, which became what we now know as Her Dinero Matters.

On this especial 50th episode, Jen joined us to talk about the upcoming Latina Pay Day, what it means, and what we can do to ensure we minimize the impact of the wage gap in our lives! We talked about many topics, including the importance of talking about salaries and advocating for salary transparency. We discussed the importance of negotiating your salary, including benefits, and asking for promotions. We also talked about what we can do to take control of our finances by creating a budget, implementing a plan, and celebrating our wins!

According to the Lean In organization, Latinas make $0.46 per every $1 a non-hispanic white male makes, and 47% of Latina mothers are breadwinners. This means that our families are falling behind! Most factors that contribute to the existence of the wage gap are systemic and need to be fixed at a higher level. However, we HAVE to advocate for ourselves because no one else will do it! Get educated… take action!

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Danny Navarro

Episode 43: Latinx Travel Hackers

Meet Danny Navarro, a Latinx professional that, along with his wife Laurie, travel hacking their way around the world, and reclaiming the first in first-class flights, lounges, and top-tier hotels.

Danny & Laurie were born in the US and have Mexican and Colombian heritages. They grew up watching their families work hard to provide a better future, and had to put in their own sweat to achieve not just a bachelor’s degree, but a master degree too.

By day, they accumulate vacation days while working in their professional fields in Washington DC, and when it is time to cash in those days, they make sure to do it in style.

Danny & Laurie “Van viajando” around the world because “the world needs to see us”. Through their IG account @latinoswithpassports, they show us how they have travel-hacked their way to exotic places like Dubai and Singapore, while flying first-class!

Danny & Laurie are responsible though! They encourage us to enjoy life while being fiscally responsible and without getting into debt, just working smart by budgeting and making our $$$ work for us.

We also talked about how they have supported each other to pay their debt, and about how they manage their money based on what makes sense for them as a couple, and not based on limiting cultural beliefs that put the burden on men.

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María Angélica Peña Quintero

Episode 26: Intentional Productivity, with María Angélica Peña

Meet María Angélica Peña, an industrial engineer who seeks to have a positive impact on her community by helping them manage their time and energy. María Angélica, a native of Colombia, talks about the importance of having role models, and of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who can help you achieve your goals. She also shares the journey she embarked on to understand what was missing in her life, and how her new-found passion became a community called Café con Plan: A productivity hub that provides tools and mentorships to help you identify what really matters to you, create habits, and achieve your goals.

Some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

Book: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Learn about Café con Plan:

Dr. Linet Mera (she/her)

Episode 24 & 25: Understanding Unconscious Biases and How to Tackle Them

This is a two-part episode where Dr. Linet Mera, co-founder of the Unconscious Bias Project helps us understand what unconscious biases are, and how to tackle them. Part 1 focuses on Dr. Mera’s story, growing up in 5 different countries and having diversity as a cornerstone of her development. She also talks about her experience navigating college, as the first in her family to attend university in the U.S.A. We also talked about how we “other” people and even fear them because we don’t understand who they are. To change this, she encourages us to be open to getting to know them and to find the commonalities among us, no matter how different we seem to be. Inclusion is a choice. In the second part Dr. Mera helps us understand what unconscious biases are, and how to tackle them. Part 2 focuses on concrete tools we can use to tackle our own unconscious biases, and to intervene when we see them playing out in our own circles. Dr. Mera shares actual examples of how we could apply these tools, based on real-life experiences that these two women of color in science have experienced.

Some of the opportunities mentioned in this episode:

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, Association sans but lucratif (non-profit association, IAESTE A.s.b.l.)

IAESTE A.s.b.l.

Learn about The Unconscious Bias Project:


Dr. Charlie Corredor

Episode 17: How Good Mentors Can Help You Rise Up

Meet Dr. Charlie Corredor, an engineer and entrepreneur who identified the power of mentorships and used it to represent the latinx community around the world. His curiosity and motivation led him to create connections with people who later became mentors, and who opened the doors to the world of science, literally! Dr. Charlie represented the U.S. and Colombia while pursuing research projects in China, Sweden, and France all before enrolling in a dual Ph.D. program at Arizona State University. A twist in the plot took him from to the rainy city of Seattle, where he completed his Ph.D., a business certificate, and became an entrepreneur and co-founder of an early stage start-up. His technical acumen and integrity opened doors for him during a time of transition, and the skills he has developed over the years, make him a valuable member to any team.


Dr. Stephanie Florez-Pollack

Episode 2 & 3: Little Sparks of Inspiration

In this two-part episode, we will learn about her journey through high school and college in the U.S, the obstacles she had to surpass to become a college graduate, and some of the lessons she carries with her through life; including practical advice as to how to build the courage to ask for help, stepping outside your comfort zone to explore new things no matter how hard life is, and listening to the little sparks of joy that can help us find our passion. In the second part, Dr. Stephanie shares the tools that helped her become a successful medical student, including the tips and tricks she found helpful when trying to finance her medical education. Dr. Stephanie is an empowered latina who is proud to represent our community and who wants us to harness the power of our diversity to effect change in our community! Dr. Staphanie encourages you to cultivate your identity and cherish the things that make you… YOU! Because after all, your story is your superpower.

Some of the opportunities discussed during this episode:

Brown-Rudder Award at Texas A&M University