Juan Ignacio Stewart

Episode 56: As Seen on Shark Tank, Frescos Naturales with Juan Ignacio Stewart 

Meet Juan Ignacio Stewart, an entrepreneur who is bringing the foods and flavors of Latin America to the mainstream in the US, by sharing with the world and fighting in the tank at shark tank. Juan Ignacio is a Guatemalan American who was born and raised in Guatemala, until the age of 17, which is when he moved to Colorado to continue his education. 

Juan studied international affairs and cinematography and always planned to return to Guatemala, but his plans changed when he became a young father who wanted to have a strong presence in his son’s life.  After graduating from College, Juan worked various jobs to make ends meet, until one day he started selling his mom’s hot sauce, and that is how he became an entrepreneur.

Earlier this year, Juan Ignacio won the hearts of many people in the U.S. after pitching his new invention, Frescos Naturales, at Shark Tank. His passion and dedication to sharing his Latin culture with his son, and with the world, became evident, and his determination to make fruit juices or frescos, with the best quality ingredients, helped him land a deal with the sharks. 

Juan Ignacio’s story is one of resilience and passion. His drinks are refreshing, and help transport us to the land we come from, fruits falling from the trees and all! Don’t miss a chance to try them, and share them with your loved ones! 

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