Wilmer Chavarria

Episode 7 & 8: Education Can Lift Mountains

In this episode, Mr. Wilmer Chavarria, a school principal whose commitment to education propelled him from his humble beginnings, is here to tell you… Si se puede my friends, si se puede. In these episodes, we will learn about Wilmer's story and the series of events that led him to explore the world in search of stories about humanity. However, above all else, this first episode is an homage to the one opportunity that single handedly changed our lives…attending a United World College. In the second we will learn about how Wilmer became a teacher, how his hard work and multicultural experience led him to be one of the 2 top-rated teachers in the state of New Mexico, and about the things that motivated him to become a school principal. More importantly, Wilmer encourages us to advocate for our children's education, and to hold teachers and administrators accountable to deliver it; however, don't forget to be kind… to yourself and others, because we are all in this together.

Part #2: 

Some of the opportunities mentioned in this episode: