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Jay Flores

Episode 20: Believing in Belonging, Being in the Anti-imposter

Meet Jay Flores, an engineer and global STEM ambassador who is on a mission to change the world by inspiring young minds to keep doing cool things with #STEM. Jay’s parents nurtured his curious mind from an early age, and his mentors encouraged him to develop a growth mindset and take on new opportunities. This environment helped him believe in himself and say YES to experiences that could help him grow, and led him to become the youngest board member of the Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers. Being the first engineer in his family, Jay took it upon himself to inspire his little cousins to pursue a STEM education, and after working as a sales engineer for a number of years, he became a global STEM ambassador to inspire kids all around the world! Jay is on a mission to make science and technology interesting, fun, and relatable to young kids, so that they can become the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators. For those of you who are parents, Jay gives advice as to how to react when your child tells you they aspire to be an Influencer when they grow up!. The trick, he says, is to help your children see the technology behind that, and help them understand that developing technical skills will help them be the best influencer…and if that does not work out, they can always become an engineer. 

Some of the programs mentioned during this episode:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaydflores/ 

Puerto Rico