Francisco Ramos

Episode 35: How a Career in Finance Enabled the Rise of a Comedian

Meet Francisco Ramos, a comedian, and actor whose previous career in finance allowed him to upend his life and pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. Francisco grew up in Venezuela, and moved to the U.S. with his family when he was 12. He learned English by himself, and always yearned to belong to his new environment.

He graduated with a double degree in Finance and International Business from the University of Maryland, and after a couple of years, he realized that was not the path he wanted to follow in life. After some introspection, he discovered doing comedy was his passion, and decided to “go for it”.

Francisco talks about how his career in finance enabled him to pursue his dreams and speaks candidly about what it takes to become a comedian.

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Dr. Jeniree Flores

Episode 13: Meet the Team! Part #3

In this special episode you will learn about the story of our host, Dr. Jeniree Flores Delgado, her ups and downs, and what motivated her to start this podcast. Join us as she narrates the tips and tricks that have helped her turn her dreams into reality.

Some of the opportunities mentioned in this episode:


Dr. Patricia Varela

Episode 12: Meet the Team! Part #2

This is another one of those special episodes in which you get to meet the people who have supported the launching of this podcast. Dr. Patricia Varela is a resilient engineer who refused to let her professional career be dictated by the political situation of her beloved Venezuela...and she is here to tell you: Si se puede my friends, Si SE PUEDE! Paty, as we call her, talks about the journey that brought her to the United States, the challenges she has faced as a woman in a STEM field, and how creating meaningful relationships has helped her turn her dreams into reality.