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Dr. Elisa Teipel

Episode 27: Things you Should Know About Entrepreneurship 

Meet Dr. Elisa Teipel, an engineer and entrepreneur who shares with us the things she wished she knew before becoming an entrepreneur. Dr. Teipel tells the story of how she became an entrepreneur at the age of 7, and how her involvement in playing sports at highly competitive levels, such as the Olympic trials, helped her develop skills that have been key in attaining her goals. She also shares the traits that can help us become good engineers, which go beyond being good at math and science. Lastly, Dr. Teipel also talks about the different types of funding available for entrepreneurs, and about the trade-offs you make when you become your own boss. 

Some of the opportunities mentioned in this episode: Small business and innovation (SBIR) research grants: https://www.sbir.gov/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elisa-teipel-60508290/ 

El Salvador