Danny Navarro

Episode 43:  Latinx Travel Hackers 

Meet Danny Navarro, a Latinx professional that, along with his wife Laurie, travel hacking their way around the world, and reclaiming the first in first-class flights, lounges, and top-tier hotels.

Danny & Laurie were born in the US and have Mexican and Colombian heritages. They grew up watching their families work hard to provide a better future, and had to put in their own sweat to achieve not just a bachelor’s degree, but a master degree too. 

By day, they accumulate vacation days while working in their professional fields in Washington DC, and when it is time to cash in those days, they make sure to do it in style. 

Danny & Laurie “Van viajando” around the world because “the world needs to see us”. Through their IG account @latinoswithpassports, they show us how they have travel-hacked their way to exotic places like Dubai and Singapore, while flying first-class!

Danny & Laurie are responsible though! They encourage us to enjoy life while being fiscally responsible and without getting into debt, just working smart by budgeting and making our $$$ work for us.

We also talked about how they have supported each other to pay their debt, and about how they manage their money based on what makes sense for them as a couple, and not based on limiting cultural beliefs that put the burden on men. 

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