Dr. Stephanie Florez-Pollack

Episode 2 & 3: Little Sparks of Inspiration

In this two-part episode, we will learn about her journey through high school and college in the U.S, the obstacles she had to surpass to become a college graduate, and some of the lessons she carries with her through life; including practical advice as to how to build the courage to ask for help, stepping outside your comfort zone to explore new things no matter how hard life is, and listening to the little sparks of joy that can help us find our passion. In the second part, Dr. Stephanie shares the tools that helped her become a successful medical student, including the tips and tricks she found helpful when trying to finance her medical education. Dr. Stephanie is an empowered latina who is proud to represent our community and who wants us to harness the power of our diversity to effect change in our community! Dr. Staphanie encourages you to cultivate your identity and cherish the things that make you… YOU! Because after all, your story is your superpower. 

Link to Part#2: 

Some of the opportunities discussed during this episode:

Brown-Rudder Award at Texas A&M University