Daniel Villao

Episode 64: Unionized Labor and the Future of Work 

Meet Daniel Villao, a leader in diversity, inclusion, and workforce development who strives to create fair and equitable work environments for all.

Daniel Villao is a leader in diversity and inclusion, workforce development, and apprenticeship design. He was born and raised in East LA, and was one of the very few Ecuadorians in a predominantly Mexican and black community, an experience that helped him develop a unique identity and worldview. We discussed his career transition from the military to becoming an electrician and a union member, which helped him find stability after his honorary discharge.

We also talked about Daniel’s decision to invest in his future and pursue a college degree while balancing a full time job and family responsibilities, a decision that changed his life’s trajectory and which led him to become an advocate for workers’ rights and education.

Daniel shared his perspective on the current state and future trends of the workforce in the U.S., the role of unions in creating fair and equitable workplaces, and the challenges and opportunities of implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in corporate America in a post-Affirmative Action society.