Massiel Diez

Episode 60:   The “Oilfield Girl”: A Latina Leader Changing the Energy Industry from Within

Meet Massiel Diez, a Colombian-Canadian chemical engineer who began her career as a wireline engineer in the Oil & Gas industry, and who is now changing the industry from within. Massiel is also known as the “Oilfield Girl” by her global online following, she was born in San Andres, a small Caribbean island in Colombia, and migrated to Canada with her mom when she was 4 years old.

Massiel shared her journey of emigrating from Colombia to Canada as a child, and how she knew she needed to become someone to honor her mom’s sacrifices, which is why she pursued a degree in chemical engineering at McGill University. She also told us how she started her career in the oil industry as a wireline field engineer, and how she sacrificed the early years of her career to set up a foundation for success. This helped her understand pursuing a degree instead of settling for a decent-paying job always pays off because education can open up more opportunities and choices in life.

Massiel also shared her experience relocating with a company twice, first to the US and then to Mexico. She talked about what it is like, the opportunities it provides, and the challenges associated with it. One of them: Struggling to fit in after relocating to Mexico, because even though she has always identified as a Latina, she has not experienced what living is Latin America is like. 

Finally, Massiel told us how she co-founded Flipping the Barrel podcast, and what the show aims to accomplish: empowering energy leaders and inspiring the next generation of talent in the industry 

You don’t want to miss this fascinating and inspiring conversation with Massiel Diez, a remarkable woman who is making an impact in the energy field and beyond.

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