Jen Hemphill

Episode 50:  Latina Equal Pay Day 2022 

Meet Jen Hemphill, host of Her Dinero Matters Podcast and accredited financial counselor who helps Latinas gain more money confidence. 

Jenn was born in Colombia to a “Gringo” dad -as she called him- and a Colombian mother, and lived in Bogotá until she and her family moved to the U.S. Jen aspired to become a Dentist, but didn’t have the stomach for it. This led her to become a Physical Therapist specializing in Gerontology; however, becoming a military spouse made her change her career path to something more aligned with her new lifestyle. This is how she became an accredited financial counselor. 

It was thanks to this new career, and the need to attract an audience for her own business, that Jen became a podcaster. This was a consistent medium via which she could create content to help all women gain more money confidence. Not too long after the launch of her podcast, Jen realized that she was in a unique position to help Latinas become Reinas of their money, so she rebranded the podcast, which became what we now know as Her Dinero Matters. 

On this especial 50th episode, Jen joined us to talk about the upcoming Latina Pay Day, what it means, and what we can do to ensure we minimize the impact of the wage gap in our lives! We talked about many topics, including the importance of talking about salaries and advocating for salary transparency. We discussed the importance of negotiating your salary, including benefits, and asking for promotions. We also talked about what we can do to take control of our finances by creating a budget, implementing a plan, and celebrating our wins! 

According to the Lean In organization, Latinas make $0.46 per every $1 a non-hispanic white male makes, and 47% of Latina mothers are breadwinners. This means that our families are falling behind! Most factors that contribute to the existence of the wage gap are systemic and need to be fixed at a higher level. However, we HAVE to advocate for ourselves because no one else will do it! Get educated… take action!

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