Gustavo Suarez

Episode 61:  Doing Good is Good Business

Meet Gustavo Suarez, a Colombian entrepreneur who is driven by the vision of building strong businesses that do the right thing for our communities. Gustavo Suarez, the founder of, a US payroll platform that serves the nearly 35 million Latino workforce in the United States.

Gustavo shares his inspiring journey of migrating from Colombia and opening a small business with no knowledge and no support system. He also reveals how he struggled to get through college while juggling multiple responsibilities, and how finding the right support system helped him overcome the hard times.

Gustavo also tells us how his failed attempt to launch a car accessory business taught him valuable lessons that led him to found his first successful enterprise, JPG, a company that provides tax, advisory, and accounting services to small business owners. 

He also explains how he learned to balance perseverance and flexibility in pursuing his goals, and how he recognized when he needed to find another way. 

 Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Gustavo has learned the importance of establishing a nurturing environment for collaboration where everyone can succeed together, and the value of treating people with respect, as we are all human beings on this earth.

This is a must-listen episode for anyone who wants to learn from a resilient and passionate entrepreneur who overcame many challenges and achieved his dreams.