Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez Mielke

Episode 44: Your Multiculturalism is Your Superpower

Meet Dr. Alejandra Rodriguez Mielke, a bilingual DEI coach and consultant helping individuals and organizations transcend personal biases and systemic barriers, to help build inclusive & equitable workplaces.

Dr. Mielke is a native of Mexico, where she grew up and studied English language and literature to become a bilingual teacher. She then moved to Austin, TX to pursue a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Studies from UT Texas, with the hope of learning how to develop fully bilingual curricula. 

Dr. Mielke worked with multiple students and teachers while pursuing her Ph.D., and her experience in the classroom led her to realize that minority students, especially Latinx students, were seen from a deficit-thinking point of view, and their multicultural and multilingual superpowers were seldom recognized as such. 

Dr. Mielke recognized that for Latinx students to succeed in school they needed to be connected to their roots and their heritage, and they needed to see themselves represented in the materials studied. After several years in the field, Alejandra became a learning and development expert. She is now a career coach and works closely with Latinas who are looking to get to the next level. 

During this episode we talked about our multicultural superpowers, the need for connection, representation, and the concept of the “White Female Supervisor” and what to do when those supervisors are not supportive, as managers should be. 

Find out more about Latina Power Coaching here:

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