Dra. Patty Delgado

Episode 59: How Latinx Culture Can Boost Your Leadership Skills, with the Doctoras of El Puente Institute

Meet Dr. Patty Delgado, an experienced Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with 20 years of experience and the CEO and Founder of The Bridgify Group, a boutique research firm. With expertise in the science of human behavior in the workplace, Dr. Delgado’s scope of work focuses on bridging theory and research with people management and workplace practice. Dr. Delgado understands the value of a diverse workforce, where leaders and employees create a cohesive work environment that represents and celebrates each person’s differences. Dr. Delgado is a contributing author, a board member of various organizations, featured in multiple podcasts, an Hispanic/Latino workforce expert, and a leader in the Hispanic community.

In this episode, Dr. Delgado, along with her co-founders and amazing Latina leaders shared their inspiring personal stories, how they met, and how they decided to start collaborating to create El Puente Institute, which conducts research and education centered around the influence of Latinx/Hispanic cultural drivers from psychological and behavioral perspectives.

They also offered valuable insights and tips on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that Latinx professionals face in the corporate world, as well as how our cultural identity and values can also help us become better leaders.

You don’t want to miss this enlightening and empowering conversation with these three remarkable women who are making a difference in the Latinx community and beyond.

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