Arturo Cázares

Episode 63: From Michoacán to the C-Suite, and the Leadership Lessons in Between

Meet Arturo Cázares, a Latino CEO who overcame adversity growing up in the U.S. and who is now leading Latinos in creating the change we need for a more prosperous society.

Arturo Cázares is a successful Latino executive who has worked in some of the most prestigious companies in the world and is now the CEO of the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN). Arturo shares his story of migrating from Michoacán, his home state in Mexico and growing up in California, picking crops with his family, and living in a dangerous and poor neighborhood. He talks about how his parents and the people around him embraced their Mexican identity, even when it was not always welcomed in the spaces he and his siblings were entering for the first time.

Arturo also talks about how important education was for him and his family, how it was the main reason why his parents left their home country, and how they saw education as the only avenue to bigger and better opportunities. Arturo reveals how studying at Stanford changed his life, thanks not only to the educational opportunities but also to the Latino-focused spaces that Stanford had created, which helped him be himself and feel welcomed. He also talks about what he thinks Stanford still needs to do to increase the representation of Latinos on campus.

We discussed the current state of American society, and why he believes it is our responsibility to make it more equitable and just for all. He also gives advice to Latinos who aspire to make it to the C-suite, and how they can balance playing the game of corporate America with staying true to their identity and values.

Arturo also shares his insights on how Latinx can use their social capital to create change for their community, and why he thinks the environment has to change to make it more welcoming to Latinx. He explains why Latinx should not feel deficient, but rather confident and proud of their contributions and potential.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arturocazares/