Cynthia Orduña

Episode 18: Knowing Your Own Value 

Meet Cynthia Orduña, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant (DEI), and career coach, who is passionate about helping people develop personally and professionally. Cynthia began looking into systems of inequalities when she started her career in the HR space, and realized the importance of her role, when she could not find other Latinx people like her in similar positions. She then transferred into the Tech space and was enthusiastic about helping companies become more diverse from within, but encountered resistance, so she began working as a DEI consultant to redesign those systems with companies that actually want to put in the work. Cynthia talks money...literally! She is a fierce advocate for salary transparency and shares practical advice, including:

How to respond to the question “What is your expected salary?”

When to talk about money during the interview process.

How to prepare for that negotiation.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cynthia-orduna/