Puerto Rico

Ángel Muñoz

Episode 30: Serial entrepreneurship: Creating & selling companies

Meet Ángel Muñoz, a serial entrepreneur born in New York from Puerto Rican parents, who is focused on developing technology whose goal is the defragmentation and enhancement of the human experience. Ángel talks about moving to Puerto Rico at age 10, and how having to learn a new language and adapt to a new environment helped him develop resilience, just like the many children who migrate to other countries. He also talked about how dropping out of college made his professional career much harder, and made his future dependent on serendipity. However, despite the setback, he was able to found various enterprises in different fields, including an investment banking firm, the CyberAthlete Professional League, and his most recent company, Mass Luminosity. Ángel speaks assertively about the companies he has found, yet he has the humility to understand that there may be other people better equipped to take his companies to the next level. He is now focused on using technology to enhance the human experience. 

This episode was recorded on Mass Luminosity's latest development, Beacon 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MunozAngel  

Puerto Rico